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Our Hemp Hand Creme


Grown under the sun in Normanby, Taranaki beside the Waingongoro River.

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Our hemp seed is unrefined, cold pressed with mechanical extraction perfection.

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Manufactured into a beautiful product in Auckland.


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This platform is powered by Trackgood a supply chain tracking and impact tracing tool that is trusted. Trackgood enables brands to build transparency in their supply chain with ease and share their impact with consumers with confidence. Authenticity and trust are backed by blockchain technology.

Trackgood puts trust back into the heart of brands

How it works

Brands track their products throughout the product's journey by submitting a blockchain transaction at every step of that journey. Certifications and important information related to the product's journey are cryptograpically hashed to create a one of a kind signature and that signature is packaged with a blockchain transaction enabling trustless authenticity and validation of that information.

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Supply chain visibility software designed to empower sustainability

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