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Washed Sidamo GR.1 Bona Ethiopia - Single Origin Coffee Bean

With a fermentation of 36 hours, Ethiopia Sidamo has a discreet body, medium-high acidity with classic floral aromas that blend with intense fruity and citrus notes.
The aftertaste expresses veins of spices
  • Brand: Sidamo, Bensa, Bona Kebele - 100% Arabica
  • Altitude: 2000 masl
  • Production method: using organic natural compost Intercropped with Enset (false banana)
  • Processing method: wet processing
  • Fermentation time: 36 hours
  • Growing Conditions : Shade grown, Hand picked, Sun Dried
  • Certification: Organic, UTZ and Direct Trade
  • Roasting: Slow Roasted in 10 minutes by 3rd generation Barbera Maestro Roaster

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In 2006, brothers Asefa and Mulugeta Dukamo founded Daye Bensa, a coffee grower and exporter in Ethiopia. Daye Bensa exports coffee from its farm, in the Shantawene Village, as well as from "out-growers" (or smallholders) in three villages: Shantawene, Karamo and Bombe. Daye Bensa altitute is between 1,900 and 2,217 meters. The Sidamo farm is Organic, UTZ, Rainforest Alliance and C.A.F.E. practices certified. Going forward, Daye Benesa is hoping to work with more farmers, to particularly encourage women farmers and to work with Hawassa University, to help students perform research to improve coffee quality.

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Harvest & Picking

Harvesting period begin mid- December until late February. The farmers harvest this premium coffee origin by hand either by strip picking or selective picking. Strip picking is exactly how it sounds, trees are harvested at one time “stripping” all the beans off the branches, ripe as well as unripe cherries. Selective picking involves making numerous passes over coffee trees, selecting only the ripe cherries, then returning to the tree several times over a few weeks to pick remaining cherries as they ripen. It requires up to 3 or 4 pickings in order to harvest each cherry at its peak ripeness.

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Drying & Milling

After collecting and hand picking the best red Cherry, the Sidamo coffee beans are fully washed and then sun-dried on raised beds for the most natural drying process.

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Journey & Roasting

This coffee origin is slow roasted for 11 minutes. All roasting takes place in Naples, the mythical land of the espresso, where two vintage roasting machines from 1967 and 1969 are still used. A third generation master-roaster attentively oversees the whole process. After the roasting is finished, the beans are air-cooled (never with water) causing internal aromatic substances present in the coffee beans to condense. Caffè Barbera does not store or package the coffee beans immediately after cooling, but rather gives them time to mature in controlled temperatures, so as to balance the natural layers of oils and fats that form the rich aroma and flavour of coffee.

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