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Baron Blue Java - Single Origin Coffee Bean

In Javanese, RADJA means KING, BARON means YOUNG KNIGHT In Mahabharata, popular wayang stories, Srikandi is one of daughter of Drupada, a King in Panchala Kingdom. SRIKANDI describes THE STRONG AND BRAVE WOMAN. The unconventional taste of this type of coffee can be characterized as silky, spicy with a hint of chocolate. The coffee has an intense and long-lasting aroma, but it also has a soft and delicate flavor with a thick cream
  • Brand : Baron, Srikandi - 100% Robusta
  • Altitute : 600 – 800 ASL
  • Drying : Sun Dried
  • Harvest : June - September
  • Fermentation 16-18 hours
  • Growing Conditions : Shade grown, Hand picked, Sun Dried
  • Certification: Organic and direct trade
  • Roasting: Slow Roasted in 12 minutes by 3rd generation Barbera Maestro Roaster

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Tuk Bandung Estate is located in District Temanggung of Central Java, about 80 km from Semarang, the capital city of Central Java Province and it is about 70 km distance from the famous Buddhist Temple Borobudur at 600-800 mt altitute. Tuk Bandung is located in the centre of Central Java’s producing coffee area, where there are about 4,625 hectare of coffee plantation, mostly owned by small farmers.

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Harvest & Picking

Harvesting period begin around June and ends on September. The farmers do hand picking only the mature ( RED ) cherries. The green, yellow and dried to be pick out in sorting process. Cherries picking used to carry out in the morning until the day.

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Drying & Milling

After collecting and selecting the best Red Cherry from the farmers group among the plantation around, Red cherry processed by Wet Pulped then into parchment through 16-18 hours fermentation and wet hulled. Sun dried by 2 days above the tarpaulin or bamboo matte. Parchment is moved to the processing facility at PT. Redjodadi and processing it into asalan. Final process and storage at PT. Indokom Citra Persada - Sidoarjo, East Java.

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Journey & Roasting

This coffee bean variaty is slow roasted for 14 minutes, which exalts and protects its unique natural characteristics. All roasting takes place in Naples, the mythical land of the espresso, where our two vintage roasting machines from 1967 and 1969 are still used. A third generation master-roaster attentively oversees the whole process. After the roasting is finished, the beans are air-cooled (never with water) causing internal aromatic substances present in the coffee beans to condense. Caffè Barbera does not store or package the coffee beans immediately after cooling, but rather gives them time to mature in controlled temperatures, so as to balance the natural layers of oils and fats that form the rich aroma and flavour of coffee.

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