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Clean Cup Blend - 100% Arabica

Our newest coffee fusion, Clean Cup Blend (CCB) takes 100% ECO Arabica coffee beans grown in Costa Rica and Columbia and serves up the perfect union of excellent taste, unique aroma and earth-friendly practices. To produce this blend, we only use the highest quality coffee beans, sustainably grown. When you purchase Clean Cup Blend, you get more than fantastic Barbera-roasted coffee. You enjoy truly clean coffee. You support ecological growing practices. The farmers cultivating these coffee beans embrace organic practices, rejecting deforestation to obtain higher yields and adopting erosion control methods. Add our patient, unrushed Italian coffee roasting practises, and you get an exceptionally flavourful and satisfying espresso each and every 'clean' cup. The richness of the coffee will tantalise every sense with joy.

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San Rafael RZ Tarrazú: At the south of San José you will find the majestic mountains of Tarrazú. Sheltered between the Pacific Coast, the Central Valley, and the peaks of the central mountain range, Tarrazú is one of the world’s most famous coffee growing regions. This magnificent area is considered to yield one of the most superb Strictly Hard Bean coffee in Costa Rica. Due to the combination of high altitude, sunlight, temperature and precipitation San Rafael RZ Tarrazú has nice citrus fruits aroma, good flavor with fruit and chocolate notes, very high bright acidity, medium body, clean and prolongate aftertaste. Columbia Excleso EP: Along the three Cordillera Andean crossing from north to south Colombia, we find the plantations of the first producer of washed coffee the world. From Pitalito in the South to Bucaramanga in north of Santander, passing for Tolima and Antioquia, only the best Colombia Excleso EP can be found. Altitute of the planation is 1.200-1.600mt.

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Harvest & Picking

San Rafael RZ Tarrazú : Harvesting period begin around December and ends on February. Farms Size is overall constituted by 2487 small farmers & producer, with an average land of 1 hectare. Columbia Excelso EP: harvesting period between October-December and between April-June.

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Drying & Milling

San Rafael RZ Tarrazú Only the best Red cherry are selected by hand among the farmers group and the Planations located in the region of Tarrazu'. Process is Washed and Drum Drying. Colombia Excelso EP: Only the best Red cherry are selected by hand among the farmers group and the Planations located in the region of Tolima.process is washed and Natural Drying.

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Journey & Roasting

First each individual variety of coffee bean is separately slow roasted for 11 to 13 minutes, which exalts and protects its unique natural characteristics. All roasting takes place in Naples, the mythical land of the espresso, where our two vintage roasting machines from 1967 and 1969 are still used. A third generation master-roaster attentively oversees the whole process. After the roasting is finished, the beans are air-cooled (never with water) causing internal aromatic substances present in the coffee beans to condense. Caffè Barbera does not store or package the coffee beans immediately after cooling, but rather gives them time to mature in controlled temperatures, so as to balance the natural layers of oils and fats that form the rich aroma and flavour of coffee.

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